Quan is an investor in commercial real estate. The company invests on its own account, together with and on behalf of larger real estate funds and private investors. Quan is the company of Boris Brummelhuis and the owners of real estate developer Boelens de Gruyter, Harm Boelens and Maarten de Gruyter.

Quan has entered into a joint venture with Harbert Management Corporation, one of the leading US real estate investment funds. Harbert Management Corporation, with a total invested capital of approximately  $ 7 billion, wants to invest several hundred million euros in Dutch real estate with its Harbert European Real Estate Fund (HEREF). The fund’s specific purpose is offices, but also retail. Quan and Harbert Management Corporation want to have a commercial property portfolio (i.e. offices, commercial real estate, hotels) with a “value add” character in the Netherlands for the next three to five years.

At the beginning of 2019, Quan acquired an office portfolio called Project Bishop in the joint venture with Harbert Management Corporation for over € 80 million. This portfolio consists of twelve predominantly multi-tenant office buildings in Hoofddorp, Schiphol, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem and Alkmaar, with a floor area of ​​over 70,000 square meters. The condition of the assets, as well as the rental situation, is partly up to standard and there is partly room for improvement. Substantial investments will therefore be made from the joint venture in the assets in this portfolio.

The new Amsterdam real estate investor has built up a portfolio of more than one hundred million euros in the Netherlands in record time. At the beginning of 2019, Quan also bought a commercial office building on the Gyroscoopweg in the Amsterdam Western port area. Shortly afterwards, an office / multi-company building on the Atoomweg in Utrecht was added to the portfolio. Recently, objects on the Naritaweg in Amsterdam and Schipholweg in Badhoevedorp were also added to the portfolio. Quan is specifically looking for the peripheral locations of the fastest growing cities in the Netherlands.

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